Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has listed three marketing trends for Asia-Pacific in 2018.

Rajeck says, “For many years, ecommerce in Asia-Pacific has languished behind the West. While regional consumers heard of the amazing benefits offered by Amazon Prime and the unparalleled customer service of Zappos, the experience with online retailers in Asia-Pacific seemed to be stuck in the last decade.

This all changed in 2017, however, with Amazon launching in both Singapore (July) and Australia (December).

Now, brands, retailers and legacy marketplaces will have to up their game to keep up with a daunting foe. Amazon has been such an effective marketplace that the destruction of retail company share prices in Western markets is now known as ‘the Amazon effect’.

To deal with a potential ‘Amazon effect’ in Asia-Pacific, the first thing brand marketers must do is to consider whether it is still worth pursuing their own ecommerce sites, or whether they should outsource the online customer experience to the marketplaces”.

Three marketing trends for Asia-Pacific in 2018


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