Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook are the major platforms that offer PPC advertising option to the brands. According to an Entrepreneur magazine article, keywords that are expensive on AdWords are much more affordable on the Bing Network.

To help marketers make most out of their Bing advertising efforts, Search Engine Land has offered four tips.

The SEL team says, “Sometimes Bing Ads is the forgotten stepchild of PPC. The reasons probably trace back to when Bing Ads was very hard to manage and provided very little opportunity for the effort invested, but times have changed. With now more market share and easier tools to manage them, Bing Ads can be a lucrative opportunity for PPC pros to pursue.

These are some of the key reasons why Bing Ads deserves your attention, along with some tools to help you take full advantage.

Bing’s market share has grown six years in a row

PPC pros are busy people. Even when they use tools like Optmyzr to automate reporting, optimizations, etc, their days quickly get filled with new tasks, so they don’t have a lot of bandwidth to test different ad platforms. And with several platforms like Twitter, Amazon, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all competing for attention, the platform has to rise above the noise if it wants any chance at getting a closer look.

Some good reasons why ad platforms don’t get an account manager’s attention:

  1. There’s not enough traffic to produce a worthwhile volume of leads.
  2. There’s good traffic, but the ad management system makes it difficult to manage the platform profitably”.

4 ways to get more out of Bing Ads

Search Engine Land

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