Your content plays the vital role in getting good search engine ranks. Apart from content, your techniques to get your sites rank high also matters.

Search Engine Land columnist Ryan Shelley has posted an article on how these techniques, i.e. technical SEO can help you get good search engine rankings.

Shelley says, “Technical SEO can help your site in the age of semantic search in a number of ways:

Titles & meta. Your title is one of the first things crawled on your web pages. Providing a clear and focused title helps the crawler understand the content on the page. It helps set the tone and begins the process of entity relationships. Meta descriptions are not part of the ranking algorithm, but with semantic search, I believe they do hold more weight. Crawlers read and index your descriptions. Good descriptions not only help click-through rates but also give a short overview of the crawled page. This data is taken into account when the search engine is trying to understand the context of your page”.

Technical SEO in the age of semantic search and Google

Search Engine Land

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