With the addition of audio and video to the content marketing domain, we are now in the era of ‘content conversation’ This allows a two-way communication between your customers and your company.

Marketing Land columnist Brent Hieggelke has shared a useful article explaining how content conversation can add value to your marketing.

Hieggelke says, “Facebook Live created mass excitement when it launched as brands tried to figure out how to handle this new live medium. Facebook has now shifted its video darling status to highly produced video programming as it tries to outflank Netflix and Amazon Prime, but live content has found other ways to succeed both within and outside its walls. One recent opinion hailed Facebook Live as the “New QVC” — a modern showcase for brand-customer interaction, new products and awareness.

Live video is becoming much more than this, though. Brands are figuring out ways to modernize their entire go-to-market process and using live video as an agile way to bring content to audiences. Content marketing is being transformed from static written and designed documents and slide presentations into live video “run of show” outlines, and on-camera hosts and guests are becoming more in demand instead of writers and designers.

Live video brings with it the authenticity of unscripted conversations with product experts or influencers, along with the ability to do live demonstrations and create honest reactions and interactions with the audience. Since it’s digital, it can be consumed on any screen and anywhere, bringing the product or spokesperson directly to the consumer”.

Introducing the ‘content conversation’: The new twist in content marketing using live video

Marketing Land

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