Lead generation is on the priority list of all marketers as it lies at the bottom of your organizational success. Marketing Land columnist Natasha Humphrey has shared three lead nurturing strategies to apply in 2018.

Humphrey says, “The New Year is about resolving to make improvements in life and in business. Improving lead quality is one of the biggest challenges for any business-to-business (B2B) lead generation program. Here are my top three lead nurturing strategies for the new year.

1.  Improve sales and marketing alignment

We all know how long the B2B sales cycle can be. Add in misalignment between sales and marketing, and that sales cycle just became your worst nightmare. To stop the leaky sales funnel, we need to facilitate communication and integration between sales and marketing. Here are three simple ways to do that:

  • Invite marketing to sit in on sales calls. Listening to actual conversations with prospects helps marketers better understand the customer decision process and appreciate the challenges faced by the sales team.
  • Encourage sales and marketing teams to ask each other clarifying questions about what defines a ‘qualified’ lead.  This type of communication enables the collective team to define a common set of standards, requirements and lead labels”.

Top B2B lead nurturing strategies for 2018

Marketing Land

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