Email marketing is seeing a great jump in the Return on Investment in last couple of years. Marketers earn $44 against each dollar spent on email campaigns.

To help marketers discover more ways to enhance their success in email marketing, Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has shared answers to five prominent email marketing questions.

Davis says, “The latest in our ‘ask the expert’ series focuses on a core skill in the digital marketer’s skillset – email optimisation.

We grilled three of the loveliest experts we know – Kath Pay (Holistic Email Marketing), Parry Malm (Phrasee) and Dale Langley (Emarsys).

Here are their pearls of wisdom. Note you can skip between questions using the links below.

(Additional note: Econsultancy provides face-to-face and online training in email marketing, and subscribers can download our Email Best Practice Guide).

  1. There are lots of things to optimise. Where should marketers look first?
  2. Is there a particular metric marketers should be optimising for?
  3. What new technologies or consumer behaviors are having most impact on email optimization?
  4. What types of emails can be optimized most effectively?
  5. How far will AI take us? How important is the creative person and their instinct?“.

Ask the experts: Email marketing optimisation

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