If you’re a consultant assisting local businesses with their online marketing, here is some content you can resell to your clients, Local Landing Page Pack vol.2.

Local businesses need an online presence. They know print ads aren’t enough in our current society and are investing a lot in PPC advertising of their websites, but many are doing this without understanding the value of a customer contact link.

As a result, most of the time the links they paid for just send people to a poorly-designed homepage, a service page or even an about us page.

By doing this, they don’t collect any email addresses and cannot market to their visitors again. They need to be sending people to a landing page, where they can collect an email address for future marketing use.

Marketing consultants who know the long-term value of an email address for future marketing now have an opportunity to help these local businesses do a better job of marketing.

A landing page is not a new idea, a lot of them have been used in the last 10 years, but there’s a science to building a good one.

A few days ago I received word aboutLocal Landing Page Pack vol.2 from Dawn Vu. It’s a package of landing pages for 10 types of local businesses that is being released today.

Now, we can provide these local businesses with well-designed landing pages that increase conversions in their PPC campaign, using the pages in Local Landing Page Pack vol.2.

These professional pages have an attractive style and ready-to-use copy to attract people to sign up.

You won’t see the ‘lorem ispum’ thing in these templates. All headlines, text paragraphs, and call-to-action buttons are customized to match the business. That will give your potential clients a better grasp of what their own landing page would look like.

To help you customize these landing pages, they are easy to edit using a free software. You don’t have to know anything about coding or HTML to make your customizations.

Here are the niches included in this collection of landing pages:
► Dentist
► Plumbing Contractor
► Pediatric Dentist
► HVAC Contractor
► Roofing Contractor
► Elderly Care service
► Chiropractor
► Massage Therapist
► Carpet Cleaner
► DUI Attorney

These businesses already pay for advertising When they see the value that one of these pages could bring them, they will want a high-converting landing page of their own. That’s just what Local Landing Page Pack vol.2 will give them.

It is just being released today. During the launch, it’s selling for an attractive, low price.

Check it out now as the price will increase very soon: Local Landing Page Pack vol.2.

By the way, if you missed Volume 1, ideal for 10 additional local businesses who need landing pages, you can get it here: Local Landing Page Pack vol.1.

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