A fact of Life: Video marketing converts better than anything else. Videos make it possible for you to get targeted traffic, make persuasive presentations and make affiliates sales.

The problem? Creating videos takes time and technical know-how even if you’re using video builder software.

It doesn’t have to be that way. How would you like to open up your browser and have a fully animated video created for you within just a few seconds?

Radu Hahainu just released new cloud-based software, called CloudCreate, that lets you:
► Create stunning animated videos
► Edit our built-in templates
► Add background music or voiceovers
► Export your video and share it all over social media

Since CloudCreate is hosted in the cloud, you can do all of this video creation using only your browser.

This is a video builder designed for the casual user. Its goal is to allow anyone (even complete beginners) to create stunning animated videos within just a few clicks (with no learning curve and no complex tech know-how).

With this new software, you can easily edit your content with drag and drop, point and click simplicity.

It comes with 100+ Animations and 25+ Templates built-In to get you off to a running start.

You can upload your own audio or choose background music from the tracks that are built in.

You also get full cloud storage for your videos and built-in Pixabay integration.

If you have always felt that videos would enhance your site, but were afraid of the cost or difficulty, don’t delay. Get your own copy here: CloudCreate.

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