With the evolution of new technologies and adaptation of new devices, we need to keep our creativity up so that we could cope with the customers and keep communicating to them irrespective of where they are.

Entrepreneur contributor Eran Halevy has highlighted three ways in which the domains of marketing and advertising may change this year.

Halevy says, “This new year is bound to be a different story, and we can’t sit around and wait. Look at what’s already happening: social media is changingthe law is changing, and there are murmurs about how net neutrality (or lack thereof) will affect digital advertising. It’s easy to predict the industry will face significant changes in 2018. Here are four key aspects that will shape the new landscape.

1. Privacy.

One successfully could argue the internet is funded mostly through ads. Websites use cookies that allow companies to target their customers based on what those consumers view in their own browsers. But users constantly are changing devices, and that makes it difficult to keep track of all the consumer touch points. Even savvy marketers are working hard to determine the channels with the most impact and justify their methods to clients.

Still, it’s doable. Robust marketing tools can track and connect user data to target individuals. But certain privacy concerns make this a little harder for internet advertising”.

How Marketing and Advertising Are Bound to Change In 2018


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