People come and buy from you because of the quality of products you offer and the after sales service you provide to them. Making your prospects know about your greatest qualities is utmost important and product reviews help you to do it efficiently.

LinkedIn writer Mike Weir has shared seven ways to use product reviews for growing your business.

Weir says, “Product reviews and customer comments can even provide a pathway for marketers and engineers to understand how their products and services can be improved or marketed more effectively.

Here are seven ways marketers can use product reviews throughout the funnel — from designing better product enhancements to upselling and cross-selling existing customers.

1. R&D — Develop new products and improve current ones

Through product reviews, customers can oftentimes provide clues as to what additional features they’d like from a product. By paying careful attention to reviews and user comments, marketers can discern how to improve current products by fixing flaws and even develop ideas for new products by fulfilling customer wishes.

2. Produce thought leadership and other content

By monitoring product reviews and customer comments on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, marketers can get a window into what their audience cares most about”.

Rise of the Review Economy: 7 Ways Marketers Can Use Product Reviews Throughout the Entire Funnel


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