If you assist local marketers in their online marketing, this new software may be something you should include on the WordPress websites you build or maintain for them.

Site Ranker Pro is being released at 10 am EST. Its job is to rank local businesses for hundreds of highly targeted longtail keywords with just minutes of work.

These long-tail keywords can create real “foot traffic” for local businesses. You may be able to charge $1,000/month and up for this service, according to the software developer.

The developers of Site Ranker Pro have been using it for years, and they report that they have clients paying them up to $3k/mo recurring for using this method.

During the launch period, you can acquire this powerful plugin for a one-time price. And you get an unlimited site license so you can add it to all your client sites.

There is an early bird price for several hours, But there is bad news: The price will increase daily at 5 pm and 11:59 EST every day in the launch week. So it pays to be early.

Check out the details about this WP plugin here: Site Ranker Pro

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