Your website is one of the entry-points for your prospects and customers. Today most of the businesses are having a website which brings a challenge to us for creating a site that attracts the attention of the visitors and makes them take an action.

Entrepreneur contributor Jonathan Long has shared six ways to improve a website’s conversion rate.

Long says, “A lot of my online marketing consulting clients have the same dilemma when they come to me for advice — their traffic numbers are solid, but the leads, sales and revenue just aren’t there. Your conversion rate is one of the more, if not most, important metrics you should be focused on. Let me quickly explain why.

Imagine if you have a website that attracts 10,000 visitors per month, and you are converting at 1.2 percent, resulting in 120 sales — and your competitor has lower traffic numbers, at 5,000 visitors per month, but a conversion rate of three percent. They would be generating 150 sales — 30 more than you, but with just half of the traffic.

Website traffic is just part of the success equation — it’s useless if it isn’t converting. Here are six ways to improve your website’s conversion rate”.

6 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate


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