Last month the US government announced the tax overhaul. It has many amendments which will affect the businesses.

HubSpot columnist Amanda Zantal-Wiener has presented an analysis of the taz bull and how it is going to affect the businesses.

Amanda has addressed the following questions:

  1. How well do you understand the tax bill’s potential financial impact on your business?
  2. Do you think the tax bill’s financial impact will benefit or harm your business?
  3. Do you think the tax bill will benefit or harm your employees?
  4. What kind of businesses do you think will benefit the most from the tax bill?
  5. Do you account for legislation or regulations when it comes to your business’s financial planning, budgets, and hiring goals?
  6. Does the passage of the tax bill change any of your business plans for the near future?
  7. Do you think your business will be prepared for the changes the tax bill will implement once they go into effect?

The Tax Bill Has Passed. Do You Know How It Will Impact Your Business?

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