Google Display Network (GDN) allows advertisers to buy ads from Google and reach extend their targeted reach over the Internet.

Entrepreneur contributor Perry Marshall has shared four ways to help marketers improve their ROI on GDN.

Marshall says, “Google provides you with four different options for selecting your place in the GDN.

Managed placement targeting

With this option, you enter the web address of the sites where you want to advertise. If those sites are available, Google will show your ads there. You can even target a specific area on a site. For example, you can select which will give you access to the entire New York Times website, or you can specify, which will limit your ads to the technology section. This is a good option if you want a lot of control, but it greatly limits your reach.

Topic targeting

Using this option, you can choose broad or narrow categories of sites on which to show your ads. There are, at the time of writing, 2,221 topics to choose from”.

4 Google Display Network Strategies That Can Increase Your Return on Investment


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