The marketing domain has seen the increased integration of artificial intelligence in the past two years. In 2018, AI is expected to take the personalizing user experience to a greater extent. And it will also contribute to predictive marketing.

Forbes contributor Andrew Stephen has shared the four things about artificial intelligence that marketers need to keep in mind in 2018.

Stephen says, “We all know “garbage in, garbage out” (GIGO). This needs to be a marketing mantra in the age of AI-enabled marketing. The learning that happens in AI, particularly in advanced systems based around deep learning and neural networks, requires a lot of data. So collecting a lot of data is important, that is, quantity matters. But the quality of the data needs to be taken into account (just like in the good old days of traditional “quant” market research). In fact, data quality is paramount. There’s nothing magical about the algorithms behind AI systems, it is just data crunching in sophisticated ways. And if the data are highly noisy or poorly measured, it is harder for the systems to identify meaningful patterns that allow it to make good predictions upon which your decisions can be informed. So focus on data quality more than ever. Collect as many data points as you desire (after all, storage is cheap these days), but make sure that every variable you capture is properly measured, understood by all the relevant people in your organization, thoroughly documented and actually used in business decisions”.

Four Things About Artificial Intelligence That Marketers Need to Keep In Mind In 2018


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