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Monday, January 27, 2020
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Monthly Archives: January 2018

Innovate your video marketing with these tips

According to a HubSpot research, 85% of businesses have internal staff to produce video content and 35% of them use some type of analytics to measure their video performance. This is lead by the increase adoption of video over the Internet. It is always a right time to opt for a new marketing strategy and […]

Ten steps to become an Influencer in your industry

Most marketers are giving a permanent slot to influencer marketing in their budgets. Apart from hiring influencers, it is also a way out to become an influencer. HubSpot columnist Kevin Payne has shared a ten step process to help marketers become influencers. Payne says, “In this blog post, I’ll be laying out ten ways how to […]

HubSpot releases Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2018

HubSpot has released the Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2018. The calendar is aimed at helping marketers plan for trending holidays in this year. The following video explains the Social Media Holiday Calendar in detail. Sophia Bernazzani says, “Whether it’s International Cat Day, Pizza Day, or Talk Like a Pirate Day, it seems like almost every day, […]

Social media in 2018: five trends to watch for

The social media user growth is getting boosted with the new networks and the new features already established social giants are adding to their sites. HubSpot columnist Sophia Bernazzani has shared five social media trends to expect in 2018. Talking about the growth of live video, Bernazzani says, “Earlier this month, Facebook announced changes to its […]

Five reasons why number one rankings have fallen in importance

When it comes to search engine rankings, most of us wish to achieve the number one spot on the web. Though it is a challenging job, most marketers try to achieve it and some could do it. Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers has a slightly different opinion on continuously trying to achieve the number one spot […]

Here’re three ways to handle tough customers

You need to keep your customers happy if you want to grow your business. But you don’t always get the customers who feel satisfied easily. You must have had tough times handling some customers having unrealistic expectations. Inc. columnist Justin Gray has shared three ways to tackle with such customers with unrealistic expectations. Gray says, “By […]

Eight lessons to boost your content marketing efforts

Content curation plays an important role in your content marketing efforts as it is not always possible to create and publish original content. But content curation done mechanically would not get you the desired results. You need to be focused and choosy about the content you are curating. Content Marketing Institute columnist Heidi Cohen has […]

Enhance your YouTube marketing with these eight strategies

According to a research almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. And the site gets over 30 million visitors per day. Thus integrating YouTube in your marketing strategy is always a great idea. Video content helps you easily connect with the audience and explain the features of your products. Econsultancy columnist Nikki […]

Here’s is a quick guide for using ‘Google Tag Manager’

Google Tag Manager tag management system manages JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics on websites. Your search engine reach could enhance if you can utilize the features of Google Tag Manager in a proper way. MOZ columnist Angela Petteys has published an introductory guide to Google Tag Manager and how to use it. […]

How Is Google’s New “Questions and Answers” Feature Being Used? [MOZ Case Study]

The MOZ team has published a case study on “How Is Google’s New Questions and Answers Feature Being Used”. Miriam Ellis says, “Ever since Google rolled out Questions and Answers in mid-2017, I’ve been trying to get a sense of its reception by consumers and brands. Initially restricted to Android Google Maps, this fascinating feature which […]