Unilever CMO Keith Weed has shared his marketing insights from the year 2017. He has focused on acceleration of video, better digital measurement and compelling economic argument for more diversity.

On acceleration of video, Weed says, “Firstly let’s look at the area of technology. Although we’ve been earnestly repeating the ‘this year will be the year of video’ mantra every January for at least the last three years, it feels like 2017 finally was video’s year.

As the prevalence of video rapidly accelerates, it is fundamentally changing how brands and people connect with each other. Internet video traffic will be over 80% of all consumer internet traffic in four years’ time, by which point almost 17,000 hours of video content will cross global IP networks every second. That’s a mind-boggling amount of content.

It’s so important for brands to integrate this into their strategies now or risk becoming invisible to the next generation, which is also a very visual generation. We’ve seen some great examples this year of brands experimenting with different formats and styles”.

Keith Weed: My big takeaways from 2017

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