Lucas Adamski and his fellow graphic artist, Ugoo Carson have produced a new bundle of niche graphics for both online and offline niches. And to this niche-oriented package the have added a bundle of new Christmas graphics.

They are offering these graphics in their package (they call it Graphixmas) to online marketers and marketing consultants who want to make professional marketing materials.

Graphixmas includes graphics for web pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Pluse offline grahics for business cards, letterheads,and advertising novelties.

There are a large number of Christmas and New Year graphics for use in seasonal sales pages.

There are also graphics for a large number of offline niches and seveal online niches, 30 niches in all.

Take a look at the graphics. We think you will like them and find a way to put them to work. You get a developer’s license, meaning that you can use them in sites you build for yourself as well as sites for your clients.

See them all here: Graphixmas.

These graphics have a fresh modern look. You won’t be disappointed.

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