Providing great user experience is one of the most important tasks for most brands than doing anything else. Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has compiled eight experts’ predictions on the future of user experience (UX) in the year 2018.

On applying design skills to AI, Clearleft CEO Andy Budd says, “If conversations user interfaces were big in 2017, I think applying our design skills to all manner of AI-powered products and services will be the big trend in 2018.

We’re currently seeing the boards of our largest clients invest in the productivity improvements AI can bring. At the moment a lot of the hype around AI is customer facing; think self service customer chatbots. However I think bigger return will be found in the short term, not by trying to replace customer service reps and back office staff—because the technology really isn’t there yet—but by augmenting them.

In fact one of my personal highlights from this year was taking a group of 20 designers, academics, authors and technologists to a retreat in Norway where Ex Machina was filmed. The goal was to understand the emerging design challenges we would face on a world increasingly dominated by AI, and to try and get ahead of the game”.

UX trends in 2018: What do the experts predict?


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