Mobile is given priority by all the brands since most of the users are connected to Internet using their mobile devices. It is crucial to differentiate between the content for PC and mobile and create suitable content.

Entrepreneur columnist Syed Balkhi has shared four tips to effectively create mobile-first content.

Balkhi says, “Looking to boost conversions on your website? With nearly 60% of web activity now occurring from mobile devices, you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t optimize your site for a mobile audience.

What works best for your desktop visitors may fall flat with your mobile audience. As mobile usage continues to grow, it’s imperative to have a mobile-first mindset to grow leads and revenue.

Let’s take a look at a few tips that help you to convert your mobile visitors into customers or subscribers.

Sticky Header

Promoting your promotional campaigns in a sticky header is the best way to ensure maximum visibility for them without annoying your visitors on mobile devices. Sticky headers attach to the top or bottom of your web page and remain visible as your visitors scroll”.

4 Tips for Creating Mobile-First Content That Converts


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