An integrated marketing campaign combines print/broadcast advertising, public relations, direct marketing, email, digital and in-store promotions to achieve better effects in marketing and promotion.

Devising an integrated marketing campaign can also help you to reach out more people.

Marketing Land columnist Kevin Bobowki has shared four tips to build effective integrated marketing campaigns.

Bobowski says, “Can you build an effective integrated marketing campaign in weeks rather than months and quarters? Yes. Can you build an integrated campaign that’s adaptable, flexible and responsive to market opportunities? Absolutely. So, let’s talk about the construct of an effective integrated marketing campaign.

1. The power of personas

There is absolute power in the persona, and it’s the secret sauce for a successful integrated campaign. Every company of any size needs to understand their customers, their pain points and what they need to be successful. Marketers need to build detailed message maps for personas and treat these message maps as living, breathing documents that we continually update.

The ongoing evolution and adaptability of your personas are essential and should be one of your most important marketing activities”.

Align your marketing org in 2018 with intelligent and integrated marketing campaigns

Marketing Land

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