Providing a great customer experience and achieving customer satisfaction is a priority for all businesses. Analysis and interpretation of data can help you achieve a greater level in terms of customer satisfaction.

Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared four ways to optimize customer experience using data & analytics.

On collecting more and more days, Rajeck says, “In the discussions, marketers spoke about their experiences of using data and analytics to improve their customer experience, yet not a single participant complained about having ‘too much data’.

The reason for this is that when trying to tackle a problem as complex as improving customer experience, marketers need as much data as they can get in order to discover what’s happening during the customer journey. Data is also useful when trying to fix problems and measure whether or not the changes made a difference.

CX principles play a role in this process as well, but as one attendee put it “data tells you how good your CX really is”.

Additionally, participants noted that in order to get data, management needs to be on board. Without top-level support, departments tend to silo data and frustrate CX improvement programmes”.

Four steps to optimizing customer experience using data & analytics


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