User experience (UX) has been at the core of any organization since it helps them improve customer loyalty. UX can be achieved improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure products and services.

Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has shared the biggest user experience (UX) trends in 2017 as mentioned by various industry representatives.

Here’s what Andy Budd has said on digital service design:

The growth of digital service design has been another area of interest for us. As traditional services become more and more digital, and as digital services break out of their product silos, we’re seeing an increasing need to join all these disparate elements together through some kind of service layer.

As a result, we’re seeing increasing demand from digital directors, CX directors and more recently ops directors, for people who understand both traditional service designpractices, but through a digital and technology lens.

What were the biggest UX trends of 2017?


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