According to HuffPost, an average US worker spends more than six hours a day checking emails. Emailing can be always better if you have grip on some of the shortcuts.

HubSpot columnist Scott Tousley has shared thirty shortcuts that saved him sixty hours per year.

Tousley says, “One year ago, I invested about two minutes into learning shortcuts for Gmail.

Since then, it’s saved me about one second per email action (ex. deleting, reply, composing, etc), which equals roughly 15 minutes per day.

That means over the past year, I’ve spent 60 fewer hours in Gmail.

As a marketer, this extra time is crucial. For salespeople, it could be the difference between hitting quota and falling short.

Here’s the problem: there are a LOT of keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, and not all of them are actually useful.

Understanding this, I’ve created a resource for the 30 most useful keyboard shortcuts for GmailIt’s organized by the three views (Inbox View, Conversation View, and Compose View) we experience in Gmail”.

The 30 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts That Save Me 60 Hours Per Year


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