Guest blogging helps you promote your brand and products by distributing free content on various content platforms. It is seen as one of the cheapest ways to grow your brand.

CMI columnist Arvind Kesh has published an article to help marketers use Hub-and-Spoke method to boost their guest posting.

Kesh says, “Guest blogging delivers advantages for your content marketing program – credibility from third-party websites, more eyeballs, SEO-helpful backlinks, etc. But the disadvantage is the time it consumes to create that refreshingly unique content. If you work like a machine, you might be able to churn out three to four pieces a week provided you don’t do anything else.

Enter the hub-and-spoke method, a creative marketing strategy to make the most of your efforts. The idea is to create one piece of long-form content for your blog – the hub content. This primary article contains points and takeaways you can elaborate on in other articles – the spoke content. You can use these articles as excellent standalone pieces to submit as posts on sites that accept guest bloggers.

The hub-and-spoke model will save you considerable time because you don’t have to spend a lot of time to come up with fresh ideas to pitch for a guest blog or to research the topic because you’ve already done most of that work in crafting the hub content piece”.

The Hub-and-Spoke Method of Guest Posting: Do More With Less Effort

Content Marketing Institute

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