Artificial Intelligence is helping marketers innovate the content creation and distribution efforts. The Content Marketing Institute columnist Marcia Riefer Johnston has shared an AI framework for marketers.

Talking about the Planning component, Marcia says, “Planning, the first category of the AI framework, relates to marketing activities like predicting consumer behaviors, defining strategies, prioritizing activities, and determining allocation of resources.

In this area, not much AI technology is available yet.

Topic clusters

One example of AI-supported planning is HubSpot’s ability to build topic clusters (as shown below), which gives content teams a way to discover topics they might want to write more about.

Monitoring competitors’ digital footprints

You can support your planning by using tools like Crayon and Pathmatics (shown below), which enable you to monitor the digital footprint of your competitors, giving you information to use when forming your content marketing strategy”.

Scale Your B2B Content with Artificial Intelligence: Ideas and Tools Marketers Can Try

Content Marketing Institute

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