Twitter has recently made available its $99 a month Promote Mode plan for the advertisers. It is important for marketers to decide whether to go for it.

Econsultancy columnist Patricio Robles has shared six things on how Twitter Promote Mode can be useful to SME marketers.

Robles says, “Twitter has unveiled a new ad offering dubbed Promote Mode that aims to help SME marketers advertise on Twitter.

Here’s what SME marketers need to know about Promote Mode, which is currently in public beta.

It automates the “amplification” of tweets

Promote Mode is a new way for SME marketers to create Promoted Tweets campaigns. When Promote Mode is enabled, the first ten tweets they post every day may be amplified by a Promoted Tweets campaign.

For tweets to be eligible, they must get through Twitter’s quality filter, which looks at the tweet content as well as the destination URL of any links it contains in an effort to ensure that it complies with Twitter’s ad policies. Twitter further explained:

Not every Tweet that is added to your Promoted Tweet campaign will serve an impression, and the extent each Tweet is promoted may vary based on that Tweet’s performance”.

What SME marketers need to know about Twitter Promote Mode


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