Saїd Business School, University of Oxford and Kantar Millward Brown’s joint research has revealed that social media advertising can be a highly effective channel for driving long-term brand impact. The research states that getting Facebook and other social media advertising right is extremely important for brands.

Jane Ostler, Managing Director of Media & Digital at Kantar Millward Brown, says, “Digital advertising is good for brand building, which is great news for brands. But the shock of the new can wear off, which is one reason why we have seen mobile ad effectiveness drop over time. The mobile environment is more cluttered than before and we know that consumers find some formats irritating. Marketers need to make sure that they try out new formats as they appear, to benefit from the brand lift effect, and they must adopt a test and learn approach. Our Facebook and Instagram analysis shows that their continual platform innovation keeps the experience fresh for consumers, and has a positive impact for brands”.

Social Media Drives Brand Impact for Advertisers, New Analysis Reveals

Millward Brown

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