China is heading high in terms of ecommerce spends with Alibaba leading the wagon. It is natural that marketers and brands turn towards China after observing these trends.

To help them learn more about the China’s ecommerce economy, Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared five facts about it.

Rajeck says, “First off, Western brands need to know that China has different digital service providers than the West. Google and Facebook are blocked in China and the big ecommerce players are Tmall and JD, not Amazon.

But besides that, Western brands must realize that China has a highly integrated mobile payments infrastructure, far beyond anything available in the West.  Chinese consumers can pay for virtually anything through their existing mobile payment services, which is most likely to be WeChat.

This means that in order to be a part of the Chinese ecommerce market, Western brands have to understand in great detail how Chinese consumers buy products and think carefully how they can be part of that process”.

What Western brands need to know before joining China’s massive ecommerce economy


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