Giving a personal touch matters a lot in marketing and advertising. It helps you connect with the customers and communicate your message effectively.

Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared three effective personalized ad campaigns from Argos, 20th Century Fox & Microsoft.

Gilliland says, “We’re used to seeing elements of personalisation in brand communication. An email saying happy birthday, for instance, or a targeted ad promoting something you were just eyeing up online.

But what about an advert featuring your face or someone you know?

This is the level of personalisation that Argos is promising this Christmas, with the retailer launching a personalised social advert as part of its festive ad campaign.

Of course, this type of advertising can be risky (as Walkers crisps can certainly attest to – more on that later) but with consumers increasingly demanding personalised experiences, the benefits can be huge.

So, along with more info on Argos’s ad, here’s a few examples of brands using personalisation in advertising campaigns.


Unlike retailers such as John Lewis or Morrisons, which typically use sentiment to drive brand awareness at this time of year, Argos tends to use its Christmas campaign to promote USPs such as super-fast delivery and convenience”.

Personalised ad campaigns: Examples from Argos, 20th Century Fox & Microsoft


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