Content marketing is popular among the marketers and still growing fast. It helps you stay in touch with your clients and persuade them to take an action using different forms of the content.

CMI columinst Marcia Riefer Johnston has published an article guiding marketers to use content marketing to get and retain customers.

Marcia says, “Does your team focus on the top of the marketing funnel, developing most of your content to create brand awareness and nurture leads? If so, you may miss the rewards that come from focusing on the bottom or (depending on how you define your funnel) below.

I’m talking about focusing on the content needs of people who are on the verge of buying what you sell, people who have just bought, and people who are between purchases.

One company that’s doing just that – with gusto – is outdoor-gear retailer REI. Its library of how-to content, which contains over 500 in-depth articles and videos, is proving that how-to content (aka utility content) can create and retain loyal customers. So says Eric Hess, senior program manager for content marketing at REI, who presented REI’s How-To Guide to How-To Content at Content Marketing World”.

How to Use How-To Content to Create and Retain Loyal Customers

Content Marketing Institute

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