Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has published five experts’ views on ways to track the offline impact of programmatic spend.

Sameer Modha, head of data at DigitasLBi says, “This varies hugely by category; the ideal thing is to find a data source of individually-linkable, category-wide, reasonably large-scale sales data to measure against.

In CPG, the loyalty card ‘panels’ and also sometimes the home-scanning panels (especially modern ones like Infoscout) are ripe for this. In cars, people with high frequency location data like Facebook have ‘location lift’ type products, where they can tell if the ad exposure got people to go to e.g. a car dealership.

This works for any category where the point of sale is visible from space, but not for things in multi-storey shopping centres etc. Open programmatic finds this hard because it only has sporadic ‘kidnap victim’-type location data – where you occasionally see location during an ad-call”.

Ask the experts: How to track the offline impact of programmatic spend?


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