In almost any business, trying to do everything yourself is a plan for failure. At IM NewsWatch we learned that early. There are a lot of specialized skills needed to publish this web newspaper and email newsletter. We employ people around the world to do these specialized tasks.

If you want your business to grow, outsourcing can move you farther and faster than you can go by yourself. But outsourcing can go wrong if you aren’t careful. You need a clear idea of:
► what you want done
► the skills needed to do the work
► the qualifications of your candidates
► what is actually being done by the people you select.

If you get any of these wrong, your outsourcing can be a real money pit, wasting your hard-earned income on ineffective outsourcing.

That’s why Sam Bakker has created Outsourcing Mastery.

You might have more skills in a number of areas than most marketers you know, even the most succesful ones.

But that isn’t the source of your best success.

The top marketers succeed as well as they do because they know this secret: “Find skilled people who can do the hard work for you.”

They are good at doing, and it serves them well.

You may have heard that finding skilled people to do these tasks for you is expensive.

Bakker thought that, too, but as he investigated, he found that there are very skilled peole who will work for very little, some for as little as $2 per hour. He shares what he has learned in Outsourcing Mastery.

If you find the skilled people who can afford to work for the fees you can afford to pay, your outsourcing can propel your business, getting things done in weeks or days, instead of months.

That’s why Bakker says, “Done right, outsourcing is an investment, not an expense.”

What’s holding most people back from creating or growing their online income? They have:
• unfinished websites or blogs
• Unfinished products and email campaigns
• Software and tools they haven’t had the time to figure out how to use.

That’s why you end up with lots of ideas and “half-done” projects, but nothing that’s actually making money.

Meanwhile the 7 figure marketers have multiple money-making assets in place. And more being created all the time. They get other people to do the hard work for them.

Well, now you can have the automation secrets of a 7-figure marketer, explaining how he has personally created passive profits that are growing year-by-year.

Outsourcing Mastery is an ‘All In One’ system sharing what the top marketers have been doing for years so that you can take advantage of this powerful tool called outsourcing.

To enhance your success, we have worked with Bakker to offer you 6 bonuses that will improve your business even more:

Early Bird Bonus #1: White Label Rights – Video Script Software

Sell Video Script Software for 100% profits. Re-brand the included sales material and to help you sell it.

Early Bird Bonus #2: White Label Rights – Video Sales Blueprint

Repackage and Sell For 100% of the Profit. The All-In-One Guide About Creating 6-Figure Videos
Plus a Massive Resources Pack.

Early Bird Bonus #3: WP Profit Doubler Software

Instantly Create Your Own Complete Moneymaking Video Site Featuring AdSense and Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages, SEO Solutions and Much More.

Early Bird Bonus #4: WP Testimonial Pro

This is a plugin that not only will save you time and money, but also will allow you to quickly and easily increase profits in a way you’d never imagine.

Early Bird Bonus #5: WP Tube Monetizer

Monetize Any You Tube Video In Just A Few Clicks Today.

Early Bird Bonus #6: WP Tube Maximizer

Quickly and easily monetize (and add content to) any YouTube video in just minutes.

Take a closer look at this system here now. You will be glad you did: Outsourcing Mastery.

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