Artificial Intelligence is becoming a key driver in helping e-commerce firms improve their business. It provides the customers with a personalized experience in the process of their purchase.

Entrepreneur contributor AJ Agrawal has shared four ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into marketing.

Agrawal says, “Incorporating AI into your marketing strategy is a smart early move. That’s because artificial intelligence is already making big changes to the way businesses approach lead generation, which can be a costly series of trial, error, and exploration for any enterprise. As Toby Nwazor noted, also for Entrepreneur, “By incorporating tag words, a rudimentary search for leads can automatically be implemented . . . as the user makes relevant selections from the results, a lead-generation system incorporating AI can learn, make adjustments and produce continually better and more relevant results.”

1. Processing data

Because artificial intelligence possesses a superhuman ability to process and analyze enormous amounts of data, it can save companies countless man (and woman) hours and dramatically cut costs. Better yet, AI is likely to generate stronger, more viable leads. Artificial intelligence reduces missed opportunities with customers”.

4 Ways You Could Be Incorporating Artificial Intelligence Into Your Marketing Strategy


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