MOZ founder Rand Fishkin coined the term ‘10x content‘ which means “Content that is 10 times better than the best result that can currently be found in the search results for a given keyword phrase or topic”. columnist Henry Foster has shared six reasons why marketers should create 10x content.

Foster says, “The beauty of this type of content is that it’s remarkable. It’s so above and beyond what’s already out there that it stands above the rest. Its unique angle gives it leverage that users seek out and share. I’m not going to discuss how to create 10x content (I suggest you check out the Whiteboard Friday link above), but I will discuss the benefits of creating it.

Specifically, I’ll be answering: Why should you “waste” hours of your time creating 10x content?

1. Social Shares

As a content marketer, you’re looking for ways to spread your message as far as possible. Social media is a perfect way to do this, but only if you have content that prompts people to share. The whole point of 10x content is that it makes people say “Wow!”

Perhaps you answered their question in a unique way, supplied them with more information than they expected, provided entertainment, etc. It really doesn’t matter how you made them fall in love with your work, but there most certainly has to be an “aha” moment when they say to themselves “This is special.”

If you can get someone to the point where they believe your content is special, you’ll earn a lot of shares, which means even more people viewing and sharing your content”.

6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Create 10x Content

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