Entrepreneur magazine contributor Aaron Agius has shared ten unexpected lead sources for the B2B marketers.

Agius says, “While much has been written about conventional methods for finding B2B leads, you can often improve your results by thinking outside of the box.

Here are 10 unexpected lead sources for B2B marketers.

1. Quora.

Quora is a community run question-and-answer site where you can share insights with other experts and enthusiasts within your niche. Whether you want to talk about bodybuildinggardening or marketing, you’ll find plenty of people to debate with.

By answering people’s problems and delivering expert advice to those in your niche, you’ll gain credibility. After reading your valuable insights, people will click through to your Quora profile where you can promote a link to your site or landing page.

2. Quizzes.

I firmly believe that interactive content is the future of online marketing. It takes time to research your audience, figure out their pain points and then create a quiz which delivers value to them. However, a great quiz can yield great results.

If your quiz helps people overcome obstacles or gives them insights into their personality, you can receive much better engagement than you typically would with a standard blog post. Just remember to ask for an email address so you can deliver the answers”.

10 Unexpected Lead Sources for B2B Marketers


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