HubSpot columnist Aja Frost has listed out the 30 best Alexa skills for professionals. These skills can help them be more productive.

Since this list could also be useful to the marketers, we are sharing it here.

Frost says, “If you own an Amazon Alexa device, you can use Alexa Skills to be more productive; keep track of your day, finances, and calls; make travel easier; hear the news you care about, and more.

Alexa Skills are built-in capabilities activated by your voice. New ones are added to the Alexa Skill library all the time.

The 30 Best Alexa Skills for Professionals

  1. Web analytics: Monitor website performance
  2. Welto: Keep track of your finances
  3. Shopify: Get important store information
  4. Time Tracker by eBillity: Track your time
  5. Quick Events: Add calendar events
  6. Life Bot: Get ready for the day
  7. Weather Sky: Get a weather update
  8. Conference Manager: Dial into calls
  9. Chat Bot for Slack: Post to Slack
  10. SMS With Molly: Send text messages“.

The 30 Best Alexa Skills for Professionals


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