The Econsultancy team has compiled the answers to seven questions dealing with Conversion rate optimisation trends, challenges & strategy. The questions were answered by the CRO experts in an event.

The following questions have been answered by the experts:

  1.  Is it fair to say CRO is not as en vogue as it has been? If so, why?
  2.  Is there received wisdom for what metrics conversion specialists should be measuring? And over what period?
  3.  Mobile seems to have increased the checkout abandonment rate. What criteria/features are particularly important when creating ‘flow’ in the checkout?
  4.  What are your absolute UX no-nos? (e.g. carousel, type of nav, type of content etc.)
  5.  What are the best tools for CRO? Has Google Optimize been widely adopted?
  6.  What sorts of dynamic content and strategies are cutting-edge optimisers experimenting with?
  7.  What are the pros and cons of machine learning solutions?

Ask the experts: Conversion rate optimisation trends, challenges & strategy


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