According to i-scoop, digital transformation deals with the transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to cope with changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies that arise and their impact on a business.

Digital transformation leads to improved efficiency, improved decision making, improved reach, better customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

While dealing with the digital transformation, marketers face several problems. Econsultancy’s Jeff Rajeck has identified the three most common problems that they face with digital transformation and has provided the solutions.

Talking about the problem of defining the digital transformation, Rajeck says, “One of the first things mentioned by marketers on the day was that the term ‘digital transformation’ means many things, depending on who you ask.

To some, digital transformation is a product strategy and involves transforming an entire company.  To others, it is a marketing strategy which aims to move advertising and customer engagement from traditional to digital.

Because of this lack of agreement on what digital transformation is, marketers felt that it was difficult to even start discussing a digital transformation project with potential stakeholders.

The solution

Other delegates offered advice from their experience about this concern.

First off, marketers should first form a clear definition of digital transformation in their own minds, before trying to get other departments on board”.

Three problems marketers face with digital transformation (and three solutions)


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