An effective local SEO strategy can help you drive more people to your store. According to a HubSpot research, 50% of consumers who conducted a local search visited a store within a day.

Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers has published an article sharing tips to create local content for local SEO.

On how to create local content, DeMers says, “There are a handful of goals to meet with local content:

  • Local keyword optimization. First, including more local keywords (such as the name of your city, state, or region) could solidify Google’s understanding of your business’s relevance for its location and help you rank for a broader range of keyword queries.
  • Long-tail rankings. You could also use locally relevant content to rank higher in searches below the fold of the local 3-pack. These would include posts like “The X Best Restaurants in Denver.”
  • Local relevance. Finally, you can use local content to improve the loyalty and recognition of residents who already know you, serving as a peripheral means of increasing your reputation, reach and reviews.
To meet all these goals, your content should focus in some way on the region in which you operate, but there’s flexibility in how you can accomplish this”.

How To Create Local Content For Local SEO


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