Artificial Intelligence & Image Recognition help e-commerce platforms provide a personalized experience to their shoppers. The e-commerce brands use image recognition in the forms of visual search, product tagging and content curation.

Econsultancy columnist Ben Davis has published an interview with Matthias Dantone, CEO and co-founder of Fashwell. Dantone has answered six significant questions that deal with the use of image recognition in e-commerce.

Answering the question on most exciting use of image recognition technology in e-commerce, Dantone says, “Of course we’re excited about and confident in all of our technology’s use cases. Lately however we have witnessed a great interest in visual search – a tool by which shoppers can upload an inspirational image to an app and shop the products in the image.

Just looking at the media frenzy that surrounded the visual search announcements by Pinterest or ASOS, for instance, it’s clear that this is exactly what shoppers want. They find what they are looking for, and the process to checkout is sped up. It’s an experience that’s valuable for both the shopper and the retailer”.

Image recognition in ecommerce: Visual search, product tagging and content curation


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