Programmatic advertising is a method by which ads are bought and sold like search ads on Google—auction based, with the buyer paying whatever price an ad is worth at a given moment. This form of marketing enables brands to gain more efficiency from their digital marketing efforts.

Econsultancy columnist Ray Jenkin has published a short guide to help companies enhance their programmatic efforts.

On defining a programmatic brand safety policy, Jenkin says, “A clear, unambiguous policy helps your vendor and agency partners execute brand safety measures more accurately and effectively. It is key to align your programmatic brand safety policy with your business goals, marketing goals, brand values and industry/sector considerations and then translate these into practical scenarios.

For example, having an airline appear alongside or in content linked to an aeroplane accident, terrorist attack or delay would not engender trust in the brand, but instead risk the brand’s reputation through association and miscommunication.

Understanding the tradeoffs of enforcing these policies and their impact on your marketing goals is vital. You’ve got to ask yourself if they are at odds, or if there is a compromise you are willing and able to make”.

How to keep your brand safe in a programmatic world: A practical guide


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