Conversion is the most important element in the marketing process. The conversion strategies keep changing from marketer to marketer. Since it depends on the situation and the kind of customer you are dealing with you have to bring required variation in your strategies.

HubSpot columnist Marc Wayshak has shared six strategies to help marketers close more sales while dealing with tough customers.

Wayshak says, “In a perfect world, all prospects would love you starting the moment they shook your hand — and then they’d eagerly sign on the dotted line. Unfortunately, deals are almost never that easy to win. And it can seem nearly impossible to close when you’re dealing with tough customers who make everything harder than it needs to be.

If clients try to push you around, or they waffle indefinitely over their next steps, deals can drag on for weeks on end. And, chances are, these interactions won’t even end in a sale.

While you can’t control prospects’ attitudes, you can control your responses. You can take productive steps to increase your chances of closing the sale — even when you’re dealing with the worst customers imaginable.

1) Show that you’re unfazed.

If difficult prospects sense you’re scared or nervous, they’ll be even more likely to push you around. Resist the urge to speed up the sales meeting or alter your approach in response to a tough customer’s bad attitude. Instead, show that you’re unfazed by sticking to your script — even if they pressure you to hurry things along“.

6 Keys to Closing Tough Customers in Sales


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