Email has remained the most trusted tool for marketing for a long time now. Most marketers use email marketing to boost their sales and promote a brand.

Working to improve your email marketing campaigns can help you deliver a better email experience to your subscribers.

Entrepreneur columnist Guy Sheetrit has shared eight mistakes marketers make while running their email marketing campaigns.

Sheetrit says, “Email marketing is tricky business. It can make or break your brand sooner than you’d imagine. However, most digital marketers find themselves in the soup when their sincere email marketing efforts fail to bear fruit.

Most probably, you’re making one of the many common mistakes. In this guide, I’ll help you figure out why your email marketing jet is not taking off like you want it to.

You’re sending way too many of them, or worse still, too few.

Whereas blitzing your subscribers’ mailbox with a marketing email every other day is a sure shot way to forcing them to unsubscribe, it’s equally bad if you just don’t send emails often enough. The marketer dilemma, then, becomes — how often is too much, how often is too few, and how often is just right?

In its report titled “The Ideal Email Frequency,” Campaign Monitor distils its analysis from two billion emails! The key findings:

  • Email sending frequency impacts the open and unsubscribe rates.
  • First email campaigns invariably attract highest open rates, and unique open rates increase to a certain extent with subsequent campaigns”.

Your Email Marketing Is Not Working for All the Usual Reasons


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