Econsultancy has today launched a microlearning platform for its subscribers. The microlearning platform is a library of more than 40 videos, each between 1-2 minutes in length, covering topics from strategy to search, data and analytics to programmatic advertising.

The microlearning modules cover strategy, content, search, advertising, email, ecommerce and more.

Econsultancy’s Ben Davis says, “Through customer feedback and our latest research into How Marketers Learn we know the learning landscape is changing. Since the early ’00s Econsultancy has delivered lots of face-to-face classroom training with expert practitioners, before more recently adding in-depth and structured e-learning.

But what we haven’t offered until now is this style of bitesize content. Our more detailed Fast Track to Digital Marketing Online Classroom will still be there for individuals and businesses that are looking for that more structured programme.

And, of course, there are still lots of face-to-face courses available, too”.

Econsultancy subscribers can now access our microlearning modules


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