Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) works to empower the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. It conducts studies and sets standards revolving around digital marketing and online advertising.

IAB offers professional certification programs for media sales, ad ops, data solutions, and media buying and planning. columnist Andreas Rivera has published a short guide to help marketers learn and apply for the IAB certifications.

On the importance of IAB certifications, Rivera says, “The IAB Professional Certification was developed by digital media experts for the purposes of creating a standard credential that would help employers identify if prospective employees were knowledgeable enough in digital media and advertising.

With more media migrating to the internet, it’s no longer enough to have a college degree and some job experience. The IAB certification is the only standard credential you can earn that reflects that you know how to apply your advertising and marketing expertise in an online environment.

Those with an IAB Digital Media Sales Certification are likely to be knowledgeable in the digital advertising ecosystem – selling digital media, managing online advertising campaigns and analyzing campaign performances. This certification will not only make you more attractive to employers but also establish credibility and trust with potential buyers and clients”.

A Marketer’s Guide to IAB Certifications