Holiday marketing brings a big opportunity to all marketers and brands. Right planning can surely help you enhance your performance during the holidays.

Marketing Land columnist Andrew Waber has shared three statistics from the 2016 holiday marketing to help marketers prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

Waber says, “At the company I work for, Salsify, we analyze aggregate retail search activity, and we’ve discovered it grows more widely distributed during the shopping period leading up to the holidays. We’ve recently conducted research (registration required) on the keywords that shoppers use around the holidays and we’ve identified important opportunities for brands to expand their keyword lists. Leading brands are also dramatically boosting the pace of their product content updates to capitalize on the opportunity throughout the season to win market share.

Let’s run through the top three takeaways from our study:

1. The 2016 holiday season drove a 30 percent increase in the number of top retail search terms — those in the 90th percentile or above in terms of search frequency.

Consumers aren’t just searching more during the holiday season; they are also searching across a much wider variety of terms. An analysis of all retail searches run across several of our company’s retail partners between January and December 2016 showed that the universe of “popular search queries” expands considerably in November and December”.

3 behavioral stats for retailers to supercharge your holiday strategy

Marketing Land

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