Marketing Land has reported that Snapchat has added 14 new partners to help brands create better snap advertisements. Tim Peterson has listed the newly added partners.

Peterson says, “The 14 new Creative Partners by offering are:

Web Views
Ceros, Famous and Undertone offer tools for brands to create app-like mobile web pages.

Web View videos
Entrypoint and Wirewax provide technology for brands to distribute interactive and 360-degree videos through a web-based video player.

Web View games
CrossInstall, GameCommerce and TreSensa have built tools that can be used to produce web-based interactive games.

Mobile coupons
Brands can use Popwallet and Slyce to create and measure coupons that can be distributed through a mobile app and redeemed in a brick-and-mortar store”.

Snapchat adds 14 ‘Creative Partners’ to help brands produce Snap Ads, post-swipe experiences

Marketing Land

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