The collection and proper utilization of data is one of the most crucial elements of marketing. There are multiple channels with which we gather the data but it is important to learn the ways we can use data to enhance our marketing ROI.

Econsultancy columnist Frederic Kalinke has shared an informative article to guide marketers effectively experiment and use the data.

On ‘what not to do with data’ Kalinke says, “Marketers have been getting their relationship with data the wrong way round. Simply, the answer is never in the data. In fact, the best way to get answers is to forget about the data.

In scientific inquiry, trawling through existing data is rarely conducive to innovation. Trying to piece new things together from the mass of what you already know is an aimless, hopeless endeavour. You become a prisoner of conventional wisdom, reaching ever narrower, less original conclusions, with an increasing likelihood of being wrong.

Scientific research shares at least this much in common with marketing. For example, we have data on the most shared headlines for content marketing”.

Marketers have more data than ever, so why aren’t they better at experimentation?


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