For those into e-commerce, Amazon is the platform that plays a pivotal role in growing the business and getting maximum revenue. And to sell more on Amazon you need to stay focused on optimizing the product listing so that the customers can find the products they want in an easy and quick manner.

Entrepreneur writer Guy Sheetrit has shared eleven strategies to effectively optimize the Amazon product listing.

says, “Amazon is the biggest online marketplace that can help many retailers sell their products online. However, ranking high on Amazon requires a better understanding of the Amazon product ranking algorithm, A9.

To boost your product’s visibility on Amazon here are 11 tactics that can surely raise your conversions and will help to improve your ROI.

1. Make products available for Amazon Prime.

Amazon’s revenue from prime members extends well beyond subscription fees. Recently, it was estimated that Amazon brought in about 90 percent of revenue from prime subscriptions.

Why select a product that ships at a low speed with an additional cost when you could purchase a product with fast and free shipping?

To give a lift-off to your product’s visibility, you need to make it eligible for Amazon Prime”.

11 Strategies for Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listing


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